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Background: Sega Channel was a project developed by Sega for the 16-bit Sega Genesis/Megadrive console that lasted from December 1994 to July 31, 1998. The service was provided to the public in the US by Time Warner Cable and TCI, which later was acquired by the old AT&T during its cable acquisition spree that formed AT&T Broadband. For a monthly subscription fee (usually $14.95 in US dollars) and a $25 USD subscription fee, subscribers would get an adapter that plugged into the top of the console and contained a jack to plug in the cable cord. The user would be provided unlimited access to over 50 games selectable through an on-screen menu tuned to a broadcast channel, with new games appearing every two weeks (some of which were games that never came out in America and only playable through the Sega Channel). The games would be downloaded in about 1 minute and play just like the retail versions. These games were organized by genre, such as action, fighting, adventure, and family. Each month, there was a special theme with originally composed music, artwork, and game categories. Sega Channel was also available in Canada through Shaw Cable, in some parts of the United Kingdom on certain cable services, in Chile on the defunct Metropolis cable company, and in Argentina on a national TCI branch, Cablevisión TCI, and in Australia on Austar and the now defunct Galaxy.

(December 1994-July 31, 1998)[]

Nicknames: "Sonic in Living Room", "Jumping Blue Man", "Sega-Pat"

Logo: We see a 2D cartoon version of the Sega Channel adapter used to download games onto the Genesis in what appears to be a living room with purple and white striped walls, with the system connected Sega Channel - CLG Wikito a phone jack, and on a wooden table. The copyright "SM/TM & (c) 1994 Sega, all rights reserved" appears chyroned on the table. Sonic the Hedgehog jumps into the living room to turn on the machine, and he runs off as we see the machine's power traveling through the cord. When it fully powers the machine, the blue man seen on the cartridge, Sega-Pat, comes to life, and jumps off, leaping towards the viewer, turning the screen blue, then moving back, to reveal he's holding a TV in his hand. He positions himself over the animated Sega logo, with a blue "CHANNEL" underneath, all now set against a black background with little white stars swirling around.

FX/SFX: All the animation in the logo.

Music/Sounds: A low-pitched version of the "WHOOP!" when Sonic jumps in the video games, a synthesized drumbeat, five cowbell-like notes, then a four-note synth fanfare. A bass tune loops constantly in the end.

Availability: Seen when you turn on a Sega Channel Adapter, which are very hard to find.

Scare Factor: Low.