Closing Logo Group


Se Gul

Logo: In a black-blue background, we see some grey lines with pink squares. The objects combined into a filmstrip.The filmstripcomes towards us, and multiple yellow circles in fourths were added into the filmstrip. After the first two circles, the numbers were added in the circles. The numbers countdown from four, three, and two. After we made it from two, the circle on the filmstrip is absent, and it fades in to the logo. The logo has a red square with the black stylized "S" with square holes on the sides (Like the filmstrip), and the red words "SE GUL FILM" on a translucent rectangle with red borders on a blue background. The entire logo zooms out. When the logo finished zooming out, theKorean words cheaply drops out and zooms up to the bottom of the logo.

FX/SFX: The filmstrips moving infinitely, the countdowns included in the filmstrips, the S and the text (which is probably a symbol) zooming out, the text zooming in up and down.

Cheesy Factor: We don't know if the filmstrips part has been stolen from anything at all (which would obviously reek of cheesiness, along with the music, which is obviously stolen), The filmstripped S looks more than a pair of squared brackets being stuck, and shouldn't the text in Korean be on hangul?

Music/Sounds: The bombastic rendition of the Shapiro Glickenhaus fanfare.

Availability: Unknown, just like most other South Korean home video logos.

Scare Factor: Medium. The red scheme of the symbol along with the filmstrips zooming at you can make your bones shiver, but nothing to worry about except for the cheesiness of the logo.