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Background: Schneider's Bakery is the production company of Dan Scheider, a former Head of the Class star and creator of such shows as Drake & Josh, iCarly, Zoey 101, Victorious, Kenan and Kel, Bella & Amadaeus, Amy & Amadaeus, Monk & Jessie, Violy Gets Grounded and All That. The company worked strictly in live-action until early 2018, when Schneider's first animated series, The Adventures of Kid Danger, debuted.

(January 11, 2004-June 8, 2019)[]

Nicknames: "The Oven", "Mmmm!"

Logo: We see a white and green oven against a green background. The oven then opens up with a cloud of smoke as the text "Schneider's Bakery" in an orange '50s-style script font pops out, with a filmstrip on the tail of the "y" in "Bakery" extending toward us.

Trivia: On Drake & Josh (the show this logo debuted on), if you look closely at the exterior shots of The Premier (the movie theater that Josh works at in the show), there's a store on the right hand side called, "Schneider's Bakery", the name of this production company. Also, on Henry Danger, on the episode "Mo Danger, Mo Problems", the box Piper holds has the Schneider's Bakery logo on it.


  • From the logo's debut in 2004 until 2005, the logo is more darker than usual, the animation is more primitive, and the sparkles on the wallpaper are clearer.
  • Beginning with the iCarly episode "iMake Sam Girlier" on April 11, 2009, there is a version that has "DANWARP" below the logo swirling in and the small red Wi-Fi signal icon appearing on the top-right of it. This is used to advertise Schneider's Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, YouTube, and accounts, called "DanWarp". In late 2011 starting with the iCarly episode "iLost My Mind", an "@" was added to "DANWARP". This variant can be seen on newer episodes of Victorious and iCarly with original credits as Nickelodeon USA's credits system still uses the "@"-less "DANWARP" variant.
  • Starting with Sam and Cat, the entire logo being shrunken down to the oven's size and the oven timers are moving, as well as giving the text in the company name a drop-shadow and the preheat light being pseudo 3D.

FX/SFX: The oven opening and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: A "crash" sound when the oven door drops, a "ding" sound (like an oven timer), followed by a man (presumably Dan Schneider himself) saying "Mmmm!". For the DanWarp variant, after the "Mmmm!" is heard, a flash is heard when the "(@)DANWARP" forms, and then a ding when it finishes. Sometimes, the show's ending theme either trails off into the logo or plays over the logo.

Availability: Common. Seen on Drake & Josh, Sam & Cat, Victorious, and Zoey 101 on TeenNick and iCarly and on both Nickelodeon and TeenNick, and home media releases of these shows, and specials of them. Also spotted on season 10 of All That whenever TeenNick decides to rerun it. Also seen on seasons 1-4 of Henry Danger, Game Shakers, and more recently his only animated series, The Adventures of Kid Danger. Starting with the season 5 Henry Danger episode, "Danger Things", this logo has been removed and simply has the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo at the end. Despite his parting ways and the commercial failure of The Adventures of Kid Danger in March 2018, it remained in use on Game Shakers until the series' end.

Editor's Note: This logo is widely popular with fans of Dan Schneider's works.