Closing Logo Group

(August 15, 1970-February 26, 1982)[]

Sanjay Productions (1972)

Logo: Fading in, we see a giant "SP" in white sitting on top of a black planet that is covered by a white box containing "SANJAY PRODUCTIONS" in black. Behind all of that is what appears to be a set of rapidly moving white smoke. It all eventually fades out.

Variant: On Chilanthivala, the logo is still and colorized.

FX/SFX: The background and illumination of the setting.

Music: A lyre glissando which then heads to a soft xylophone and guitar jingle, then another lyre glissando at the end.

Music Variant: Chilanthivala uses a bansuri and tampura melody.

Availability: Seen on Thurakkatha Vathil, Rathrivandi, Ernakulam Junction, Abhinandanam, and Ayalkkaari. The colorized variant was seen on the aforementioned Chilanthivala.

Editor's Note: None.