Closing Logo Group

(Mid 1980s)[]


Logo: On a black background with many colorful rings zooming in and out (part of "Catalog" by James Whitney), a blue futuristic ring with its part segmented and having a tilted rectangle in it zooms in. Orange Korean characters along with the purple words "SAMWON PRODUCTION CO., LTD." wipe in below.

Variant: Sometimes, the emblem may wipe in with a "circle" transition and the characters and words may flip in.

FX/SFX: Scanimation for the background, and computer animation for the logo.

Music/Sounds: Music may vary depending on releases. Examples include one using "Amor Amor" by Franck Pourcel, one using the Star Wars theme, and one using "Oxygene Pt II" by Jean-Michel Jarre.

Availability: Seen on releases of The Wind of Ghost and Split Love.