Closing Logo Group

Background: Right Entertainment was a home video subsidiary of Entertainment Rights PLC, and released Entertainment Rights' material on VHS and DVD, mainly with Universal.


Logo: On the moonlit ocean environment, we see the camera rotating around the gold word "RIGHT". A shooting star flies around the logo and continues to zoom out until it settles aboove the ocean water. The shooting star flies into the water, and 2 more shoot out and fly off, the word "ENTERTAINMENT" on the bottom of "RIGHT" appears via the shining wipe effect.


  • On some DVD releases, a short version is used where only the last half of the logo is shown.
  • The print logo is similar to the Entertainment Rights logo, except there are only three shooting stars instead of one star and the man's head, and also the words are in white, it can be seen on promos and DVD/VHS covers.


Music/Sounds: The shooting stars and the splashing, and the drumbeat choir and the waves. The print version has no music, but on the Right Entertainment VHS/DVD promos, an instrumental version of the song Boom Boom! from The Basil Brush Show plays. On the 2005 variant the announcer (Gary Martin) is also heard saying "For happy faces and smiles all around, choose Right Entertainment."

Availability: Common. Even though Right Entertainment was folded in 2009, this logo is still easy to find. Until 2005, It is seen mainly after or before the Universal Studios Home Entertainment logo (Universal Studios Home Entertainment UK distributed some of Right Entertainment's DVDs/VHS) but after 2005, it was seen on its own without the Universal logo preceding. The logo is seen on VHS and DVD releases of Postman Pat, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Cubeez, Merlin, the Magical Puppy, Finger Tips, Little Red Tractor, Transformers: Armada, Arthur, The Basil Brush Show, Ethelbert, the Tiger, Clifford's Puppy Days, The Story of Tracy Beaker, the Barbie direct-to-video movies until 2007, among others.

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