Closing Logo Group

(May 23, 2002)[]


Nicknames: "The Many Whooshes Logo", "RajaWhooshi Films", "Loud Whooshes Everywhere"

Logo: We see the solar system from space, with the planets following their orbits around the Sun. The camera zooms into the Earth. Suddenly, we appear in a different position of the Earth, which is red. In this position (India), one big platform appears, and above it appears a smaller one, and then another one. The last platform suffers a fissure vent which a statue of Buddha comes out of. On the statue's right side, there is a plate of food and a teapot on its left. In front of it, there is a fireplace, which soon lets out a burst of fire towards the stars. A disk is then shot up behind the fire, and when the fire stops, it is revealed to have a picture of Krishna and Arjuna (from the Bhagavad Gita) . It then quickly spins around while being surrounded by filmstrips, creating a ball of filmstrips. It then zooms out to reveal more balls of filmstrips on one giant filmstrip, which is revealed to be the side of the company's name in Kannada. Another disk with a stylized "Ry" inside then flies to the top, and the Kannada text turns into a gold "RAJAYOGI" via light, and "FILMS" wipes in at the bottom in white. The logo then positions itself vertically.

FX/SFX: It's a CGI logo.

Music/Sounds: Warping noises during the solar system part, a loud whoosh when zooming in to the Earth, another loud whoosh as the ground cracks, a loud jingling sound when the statue comes out, a loud hose-like sound when the fire comes out, a whoosh when the disk is revealed, electricity zaps when it spins, another loud whoosh when the gold Kannada text reveals itself, a warping sound when the white text reveals itself, a final whoosh when the "Ry" disk flies, an electricity zap when the gold text changes from Kannada to English, and another warping sound when the white text follows suit.

Availability: Seen on Sainika.

Editor's Note: The overabundance of whooshes and in-your-face graphics will put many off.