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1980's-1990's (Rabbit Ears Productions)[]


2000's (Rabbit Ears Entertainment) []

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The logo itself,

Logo: We first see blue colored storybook-styled hills on a purple background. Then, the sun rises on the land and sky turns from purple to pink before the camera pans left to a toy rabbit (From Rabbit Ears' first production Little Ears: The Velveteen Rabbit) then the lands turns to white. The camera then zooms in on the smiling rabbit who is twitching his ears for a few seconds. He then winks at us while the whole valley scenery disappears to plain white. A light shines behind the rabbit as he disappears to a full white background, then the light closes to a moon-shaped circle on a now black background. It shines on a pair of green rabbit ears which then draws a line below it as green letters spelling the words "Rabbit-Ears" appears two by two. After the name is spelled out a second line appears below it as the logo turns 30 celius away from us to the left. The words "Entertainment" zooms in front behind the logo to the left to go underneath the second line. After that is completed, the rabbit left ear than flaps as light shines on the logo. When the light disappears, the logo glows. A white sparkle shines on the top of the rabbit's left ear as we later fade out.


Music/Sounds: Has four sets of music. A gentle chimes tune, a few electric keyboard tones and a then a synthesized theme with several drumbeats. 

Availability: Can be seen on many Rabbit Ears Storybook Classics DVD releases including The Velveteen Rabbit and Beloved Bible Stories