Closing Logo Group

Background: RKO Television was the identity used by RKO General in its television assets, most notably WOR-TV (now WWOR-TV) in Secaucus, New Jersey (also serving New York City) and KHJ-TV (now KCAL-TV) in Los Angeles. RKO General became infamous for dishonest practices and corporate misconduct, causing them to be in near constant investigation starting in the 1960s. In 1987, the FCC ruled that RKO General was unfit to be a broadcast licensee, forcing the company to divest of all of its broadcasting assets. The final television station to be sold was WHBQ-TV in 1990, with the remaining radio assets being sold by 1991.


Logo: On a black background, we see a glowing orb leading a segmented white-lined rectangle slide in from the left of the screen. A bolt of lightning strikes the rectangle and reveals the RKO logo at the time (a red equilateral triangle pointing down with a "thunderbolt" drawn 3/4 through it. An RKO General copyright notice appears below, and the words "RKO TELEVISION" are drawn in by red laser beams on the left and right of the triangle, which pulsates twice at the end. The logo of either WOR-TV, KHJ-TV or WHBQ-TV slides in from the left with several multicolored lines, stopping above the logo.


  • A later variant for WOR-TV exists, where 4 lines in different colors wipe in, with parts of the logo. The lines then form a circle cut-out, with the logo fully forming shortly after.
  • Similarly, a later variant for KHJ-TV has a gold "9" (from the station logo) already present in the middle and a black/dark purple/black gradient in the background. 16 lines ranging from light blue to dark blue slide in from both sides of the screen; 8 from the left and 8 from the right.
  • WHBQ-TV used their "13" logo above the completed logo, differentiating from WOR-TV and KHJ-TV.

FX/SFX: Computer Graphics.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1983 movie logo. On rare occasions, (such as on local newscasts) a generic or stock theme will play over this logo instead.

Music/Sounds Variants: On School Beat, the ending theme of the show transitions into the logo’s theme.

Availability: Extinct. This was only known to appear on programming supplied from the RKO General TV stations such as Romper Room, sports games and various newscasts. The WHBQ-TV variant is increasingly rare and has not surfaced yet but has been said to have appeared on the channels newscasts.

Editor's Note: This is essentially a cel-animated version of the RKO Pictures logo, which would provide a template for other RKO divisions at the time.