Closing Logo Group

1st Logo (1990s)[]

Logo: A white bar slides in from the left and covers the screen. While doing so, we see half of an eye. The other half fades in, inverted and with a filmstrip on its right side. Then the text "QUALITY FILMS" flips into view and lands underneath it.

FX/SFX: The eye forming, the text flipping in.

Music/Sounds: A short pop-rock tune, with a clanging noise at the end.

Music/Sounds Variant: Some releases instead use a synth theme, with a fuzzy voiceover saying "Quality Films" at the end.

Availability: Seen on Quality Films releases of the era.

2nd Logo (2000s)[]

Quality Films Logo 2001

Logo: Over a dark black and white cloudy sky background, two golden palms wipe in from the sides, as a filmstrip containing frames of a human eye sweeps up from the bottom of the screen. One of the frames comes out from the filmstrip zooming in between the palms as the eye begins to close its eyelids. The frame containing the eye flashes multiple times before the right half of it turns into a negative in monochrome and filmstrip holes come out near the side moving up, while the eye opens up. The white text "QUALITY" flips in letter by letter below the filmstrip, followed by the white text "F I L M S". Finally, the palms move out to the sides and disappear, and the filmstrip holes in the logo stop animating.

FX/SFX: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Sounds of wind blowing are heard, along with a metallic atmospheric sound, a scratching/sweeping sound and a synthesizer note. At the end, the same metallic sound is heard, followed by a shorter version of the synth note.

Availability: Seen on Quality Films releases of the era.

3rd Logo (2004-2009)[]

Quality films

Logo: On a white background, an orange rectangle and a gray square slide in together in the middle off the screen, while an eye shape grows in the center. Eyelid curves slide in from the top and transparent film perforations form at the right edge of the gray square. The eye's parts, sclera, and iris, slide into their correct place while a pupil forms in the center. The word "QUALITY" fades in below the gray square, followed by the word "F I L M S". Thick lines draw in the top and bottom of the screen, creating a letterbox. The entire logo in the center zooms out before the logo disappears. Afterwards, a countdown starting from the number "5", in a hard-to-see gray color takes up the screen. Once the number "0" displays, the screen shuts to black from the top and bottom.

FX/SFX: Flash animation.

Music/Sounds: A new-age style synthesized percussion chord theme.


  • The logo can be seen in some anime and other DVDs from this company.
  • A known source for this logo is the end of Una pelicula de huevos.

4th Logo (2010-2014)[]

Quality Films (2013) (Credit - Mexico DVDs)

Logo: There is a yellow background emerging while a bright flare emerges at the top. The background fades to reveal a sunset sky with a shot of the Temple of Kukulcan. The screen rotates around the temple as the Taj Mahal appears, and the camera enters through the doors. The camera travels through the Sydney Opera House, the Tower of Pisa, and the Eiffel Tower. While the camera rotates at the Eiffel Tower, the Hollywood hills with the marquee and tower are shown. The logo zooms through the second "O", leading into a cavern which turns the background into black. The orange and gray filmstrips from the last logo slides vertically, as a flare appears in the center, bringing up the eye design of the logo. The flare expands through the screen as the stacked text "QUALITY F I L M S" is revealed at the bottom right corner. The logo finalizes with the flare diminishing, and the logo zooming in and shining.

FX/SFX: 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 2nd logo.

Availability: Seen on Quality Films releases from the era, such as En Gran Milagro.