Closing Logo Group

(May 1, 2014)

Logo: We see some mechanical wheels, which fastly spin, as the camera zooms out as we see that the wheels are part of the neck of the head of a blue robot, the head turns so we can see the robot's head as some lighting bolts appear. Some rusty old pink letters spin under the head of the robot, which form the word "PunkRobot", then, a white text that says "Animation Studio" shines below. The head then zooms turning into several rainbow colors. During the whole logo, some there are some frames where the logo can suddenly change color, or the whole background turns into a white color.

FX/SFX: The whole logo is pretty original and impressive, it mixes stop-motion with CGI, as well as actually using some Scanimation effects from the 80's! Deffinetly one of the most creative logos out there.

Music/Sounds: Mechanical sound effects, mixed with some random sound effects, ending in a chicken squeak.

Availability: Seen on the Oscar-nominated short "Bear Story (Historia de un Oso)".

Scare Factor: None to minimal, some people could be put-off by the random sound effects, but is a great logo!