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Prum Meas Production (ផលិតកម្មព្រហ្មមាស) is a Cambodian film production company founded in 2000.

1st Logo (2000-2002)[]

WARNING: This video is extremely loud, so turn down the volume before watching this video.

Nicknames: "Golden Buddhist Statue from Hell", "Thunderstorm Mountains","Ear Drums Meh Be Dead Production", "Amaco Productions' Cambodian Cousin"

Logo: The logo starts with stock CGI footage of rolling hills at first. The camera pans up into the clouds, where hints of lightning are seen. Then is text in Khmer flying in from outside the screen in different pieces, forming together at the top and bottom of the screen. The lightning then comes back, this time clear as day, striking in rapid succession. A horizontal lightning strike appears in the center of the screen, the background fades to black, and a Buddhist statue appears from dust on the screen, which may have been caused by the lightning. The Khmer text scrambles outside of the screen again, and more text, this time in English, saying the company's name in gold, coming in via wiping effects, and a red line pulling the text in, in the case of the top text. The logo then fades to black after a few seconds.

Trivia: Part of the animation was also taken from one of the Lens Cleaner disc bumpers.

FX/SFX: Computer animation using Pinnacle Studio.

Music/Sounds: Ominous whooshing ambience with stock windchimes are heard at first, followed by loud thunder sounds, an even louder whoosh and a glass shattering sound. The ominous ambience keeps on playing while a swoosh is heard.

Availability: Seen on films & productions from the company around this time.

2nd Logo (2002-)[]

Logo: On a dark sky with clouds, a different Buddhist statue with a blue circle behind, fly in from the bottom of the screen and zoom out at the comfortable distance to the center. A yellow outline of the circle zooms out and fits into the blue circle. Then, yellow text in Khmer rises from behind the circle and zooms up to the viewer a bit, then zooms back out and rests itself on top. We then see upside-down text that says the company name in English zooming out from the bottom of the screen, then flips up as it gets close to the logo and rests under it. The logo then fades to black after a few seconds.

FX/SFX: Computer animation using Unknown Software.

Music/Sounds: A clipping, monotone stock MIDI theme with piano and drums, with a xylophone glissando, followed by a brief childish-sounding theme, before ending with two bombastic brass notes (actually "finish.wav" from the Game Maker tutorial "Adding Depth"). Sometimes, the opening theme plays over it.

Availability: Seen on films currently produced by the company.