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Producciones Optimist, S.A. (1991-92)

Nicknames: "Optimist on Acid", "Seizure Optimist"

Logo: The camera zooms out from a background consisting of wavy, glitchy-looking bright green and purple lines to reveal the silhouette of the logo, which is made up of a symbol that consists of a curved line with a scribble to its right, the word "OPTIMIST" and a wavy line below it. The "OPTIMIST" and symbol then both fill in with white and red respectively, while the wavy line later fills in with cyan while the "OPTIMIST" text goes dark again. The background then begins to scroll horizontally while the symbol lightly flashes red. After approximately fifteen seconds, the word "PRESENTA", which is colored yellow, zooms out to cover the wavy line, and the same glitchy lines begin to radiate from the symbol as the camera zooms into the background. After approximately ten more seconds, various copies of the screen appear and shuffle away.

FX/SFX: Primitive computer animation.

Music/Sounds: The music is taken from “Delta Two” by Synergy. The volume slightly lowers after and before the first and last seconds of the logo, likely because of tape deterioration.

Availability: So far, only three 90's VHS tapes containing the logo have been found, those tapes being Apelación Fatal, Peacemaker, and El travieso.

Editor's Note: This logo is unpopular within the logo community, with common criticisms including the green and purple color scheme, which has been deemed garish by some, and the potentially epileptic-unfriendly animation.