Closing Logo Group

1st logo (1950-1954)[]

Nicknames:"The Neon Light MB of Doom" "Aarti , Rex and Demuza Mexican Cousin" "Shera and Mustafiz Films Mexican Cousin" "Scary MB" "Neon MB" "The Wroclaw Bars" "786 DS Films Mexican Cousin" "Vidyashree Pictures Mexican Cousin" "Wroclaw Solemn" "Mexican Solemn" "Ramsay Films Mexican Cousin" "Lightning Video and Profil Brainwashing Mexican Cousin"

Logo: On a dark and starry background we see, on the center-left side of the screen, a big neon "MB" which is turning on and turning off constantly. The big "MB" is in front of a big line that crosses the whole screen. In the line we see the words forming the name of the company:

producciones MBmier y brooks, s. de r.l. y c.v.

On the bottom right we see "Presenta". - Variants:

  • On El revoltoso we see a drawing of a camera man as the background of the logo, and "Presenta" is inside an arrow.
  • On Mujeres sin mañanawe see the logo in a jungle.

FX/SFX: The text, the stars shining and the neon "MB". On some films like El revoltoso the logo is still.


  • La noche avanza,Tres Alegres Comadres, and El Bello Durmiente use a short arrangement from the first Filmex logo.
  • El Ceniciento uses an orchestra fanfare wich ends with an harp.
  • Some films like El revoltoso or Mujeres sin mañana use the opening theme of the respective movies.

Availability: Common. Seen on films like Las interesadas (The Interested Girls),Las Tres Alegres Comadres (The Three Happy Wives), El Ceniciento, Mujeres sin mañana (Women without tomorrow), El vagabundo (The Trump), or Chucho el Remendado (Chucho the mended) which can be found on YouTube.

2nd logo (1950-1951)[]


Logo: On a dark background we see this text:

Producciones mier y brooks r.l. y de c.v. Presenta a

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Only seen on También de dolor se canta ("Also of pain it is sung") and El Gavilán Pollero ("The ckicken Hawk), both seen on YouTube.