Closing Logo Group


Logo: On a green background, a clapperboard can be seen taking up most of the screen, with the top part raised up. The top then drops down, causing warning text to appear on the board. After about 20 seconds, the camera zooms straight into the top clapper, and the diagonal black and white stripes straighten upwards. It then zooms out to reveal the conjoined lettering "PV" in the same pattern. "PRECISION VIDEO PRESENTS" then zooms in word-by-word, then we cut to black.

Variant: At the end of tapes, a short version is used starting with the straight line pattern. Either the same text is used, or "A PRECISION VIDEO PRODUCTION" appears below, with "A" appearing first and the rest of the letters appearing like so.

FX/SFX: The clapperboard "clapping", the constant zooming inwards and outwards, and the byline flying towards the screen underneath the logo.

Music/Sounds: Usually none, though in one variant, we hear a British male voiceover say "And now, Precision Video presents...." while a synth tune plays quietly in the background.

Availability: Rare. Seen on several 1980s UK VHS, LaserDisc, Video 2000, and Betamax releases, like The Muppet Movie, Raise the Titanic, Saturn 3, The Great Muppet Caper, The Evil That Men Do, the Space: 1999 movie series (Destination: Moonbase Alpha, Alien Attack, Cosmic Princess, and Journey Through the Black Sun), the UFO movie: Invasion UFO, The Tamarind Seed, The Eagle Has Landed, The Domino Killings, Firepower, The Boys from Brazil, Farewell, My Lovely, and Where The Boys Are '84.

Editor's Note: None.