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Point Grey Pictures is a Canadian independent film and television production company, founded by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg in 2011. It is named after Vancouver's Point Grey Secondary School, where Rogen and Goldberg met. On March 5, 2014, the company entered a pact with Good Universe in order to develop movie comedies. In 2018, the company were in talks with Lionsgate, which was finalized the following year.

1st Logo (June 3, 2013-July 19, 2020)[]

Logo: On a dark background, we see a school desk (the items in it depending on the movie) being shut, revealing a pencil in the tube-thing on the front and a small heart at the bottom right corner with the text "SR+EG" in it (which was later removed). Then, an animated sequence drawn entirely on pencil occurs on the desk, often foreshadowing the events of the following movie and as we pan slowly, the words "POINT GREY" are drawn in a rectangle, appearing in some way at the end.


  • The company being named after said school (See "Background") may also explain why there is a school desk in the logo.
  • At least the Game Over, Man! variant, if not possibly all of them, were designed by Picturemill, who also animated the 20th Century Studios logo.

Variant: On Preacher, Future Man, the first two seasons of Black Monday, the first season of The Boys, and on trailers for films, the logo is still without any design on it.

Film Variants: So far, six variations exist:

  • This is the End: School supplies and doodles of the end of the world can be seen in the desk as it shuts down. A crack appears in the center and we pan up to reveal a city in desolation. A firetruck stumbles in as several windows in buildings blow up. We pan over a set of buildings as airplanes crash down, as if this were a darker version of the HBO "In Space" opening. The rectangle sequence occurs as we see an overhead view of the city on fire.
  • The Interview: A Wu-Tang Clan cassette, a doodle of Kim Jong-un and a notebook with the North Korea flag on it can be seen in the desk as it shuts. This time, we see a sun as we pan out to reveal Kim Jong-un riding on a unicorn as pandas dance near him. We pan out to reveal a North Korean city and several, several tanks and weapons aimed directly at us. A man in the center is then seen holding an American flag and ripping it in half, as he yells and points towards the sky, summoning airplanes to fly overhead as the company name is drawn as usual over the picture.
  • The Night Before: In the desk we see a doodle of Santa, a present, a small beach ball, and a notebook with a Christmas tree on it. The desk starts off with clouds, which we pan down from to reveal several reindeer flying Santa's sleigh. It flies through the city, and then stops at a pedestal with a Christmas tree on top of it. Santa jumps off and the reindeer fly away with his sleigh. He spins as the company name draws itself in. After that, the Christmas tree explodes with what appears to be confetti.
  • Sausage Party: There is an animated sausage holding a martini inside of the desk, and a blue tiled floor is seen in the background. Once the desk closes, food begins to drop down, including lemons, limes, various jars, a can of beets, etc. The can of beets hits the pencil and causes it to fall off the desk. By the time the logo is completed, a sausage and bun are the only foods that remain on the desk.
    • A short version of the variant appears on the film's second red band trailer, with larger text and more shading on the desk.
  • Blockers: After the desk shuts down, the company name draws in without any animation sequence before the text whatsoever, similar to the still version of the logo.
  • Game Over, Man!: The desk is littered with beeping bombs and more are thrown into it. Once the desk shuts, it explodes, causing the desk to crack and form the company name.
  • Long Shot: The company name is drawn onto the President's desk in the Oval Office.
  • Good Boys: The desk contains an apple, a glue gun, a bottle of beer, a drawing of a heart that has an arrow through it with the text "Max" in the corner, and a playing card. A gray tiled floor is seen in the background, along with some other desks next to the normal one, the left one having a stain and the right one having cracks/scratches. After the desk is closed, a school bell rings and then doodles are drawn on the desk, reading things like:
    • @SOREN
    • Mr. K is my idol (with music notes)
    • S.C.A.B.
    • Clans of Zozo
    • SR + EG = JW ♥ JF
    • Bean bag boys 4 life!
    • (monster drawing) I'm tired
    • (lion drawing) ROAR
    • Thor = Sippycup
    • Thor = Sippycup (crossed out)
    • Max ♥ Brixlee
    • Marcus <3 Brixlee
    • Scooter (drawing of a scooter)
    • Mr. K smokes drugs
    • (picture of a sun with a cloud)
    • I forgot my locker combo
      • Children laughing can be heard in the background and the company name isn't as neat as it usually is.

FX/SFX: The school desk shutting down and the animations.

Music/Sounds: A creak and a slam as the desk shuts, alongside sound effects and music correlating to the sequences shown. However, The Night Before variant uses the movie's opening theme.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • The still version uses the trailer music or the closing theme.
  • The Night Before variant has the opening theme of the movie playing over it.
  • The Sausage Party opening variant has the sound of a bird tweeting at the end.

Availability: Common. Seen on all of the company's films and TV series above. This doesn't appear on 50/50 (as it predated the logo), nor the two Neighbors films.

2nd Logo (December 1, 2017)[]

Logo: On a dark background, we see parts of the desk as supplies fall to form the logo as it shines. Also, the desk is now clearer with the company name in a light brown color.

FX/SFX: The formation of the desk.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Only seen on The Disaster Artist.

3rd Logo (August 6, 2020-)[]

Logo: On a maroon background, we see various red lines drawing, then it overlaps with another set of red lines. It then reveals itself to be an abstract "pg" with "POINT GREY" underneath. Below it is a box reading "Point Grey Pictures, LTD.", surrounded by two light and dark-colored bears (representing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg), with another box with the date of the movie/show's release in Roman numerals seen below.


  • A short version exists, where the logo simply flashes.
  • A still, simplified version of the logo exists, where the logo has different colors and it lacks the box, the bears and the date.
  • On Santa Inc., the logo is next to the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios logo.


Music/Sounds: Either an ominous synth theme, none or the theme from any given soundtrack.

Availability: First debuted on An American Pickle and is expected to appear on future films and shows from Point Grey. Also seen on the third and final season of Black Monday, Santa Inc. and Pam & Tommy.