Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "...And You Thought The Filipino Logos Were Outdated", "The Unfashionable Beach Ball Logo", "Unpolished Beach Ball", "Sloppy Beach Ball", "Pakistani Beach Ball", "Even The 3DO Had Better Graphics Than This!", "Do Not Play Pictures," "Weird Birds"

Logo: On a black background a CG beach ball jumps from the left and brings the white letters "pp" in italic. The ball then drops down and forms "play pictures" in a golden fill. The ball then rises up to the remaining space of the letters, and spins.


Music/Sounds: A technical piano tune along with a bird chirping. It then cuts off abruptly as the logo ends.

Availability: Seen on Chan Badshah.

Editor's Note: While not the worst logo for a Pakistani company, it's still a poor effort. The animation is incredibly outdated and sloppy for 2006, the ball is so poorly sculpted that it looks squished when it spins, and the film quality is horrible to boot.