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Background: When adult films were officially legalized in Australia in 1983, Pink Video, a subsidiary of 14th Mandolin Productions, became one of the first distributors of such material, starting in 1984 and continuing on throughout the '80s.

(1984-Late 1980s)[]

Pink Video

Logo: We pan down from a starry sky. Then, this cuts to the same animation from the King of Video logo, except with "Pink Video" in pink zooming forth and out.

FX/SFX: Same as the King of Video logo.

Music/Sounds: An energetic horn and string fanfare, which is apparently an abridged version of a piece of stock music made in the '70s by Scott Pearson, "Contact".

Availability: Rare; seen on pornographic tapes released in Australia.

Editor's Note: Same as the King of Video logo.