Closing Logo Group


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Logo: On a blue rippling background, we see a black inky blob at the bottom which then turns into a filmstrip. 5 different flowers appear via some sort of fading effect, then a light shines behind it. Gold Khmer text appears above in an arc shape whilst shining a bit, then it creates a trail behind it. Then, light blue text


flips and zooms put below the flowers/filmstrip as it creates a trail just like the Khmer text.

FX/SFX: The animation is pretty simplistic and poorly-done. Not to mention the music, which is the most cheesiest thing about it:

Music/Sounds: The first half of the 1990 Universal fanfare plays at first, with various sound effects. Then the 1979 20th Century Fox fanfare plays.

Availability: Appears on their films.

Editor's Note: A very cheesy logo, which steals music from two iconic film studios, which is oddly still used today.