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Background: Phichai Production (พิชัยภาพยนตร์) is a Thai film production company.



Phichai Production (1976)

Nicknames: "The Red Thai Text of Doom", "Big Red Thai Text", "Zooming Red Thai Text", "Killer Thailand"

Logo: On a sky background with mountains, the red Thai text zooms in. The image moves a bit.

FX/SFX: The text zooming and the scene moving a bit.

Cheesy Factor: It has the appearance that a camera zoomed in on the Thai text that was chroma-keyed onto a sky background with mountains.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic orchestral fanfare with flutes.

Availability: Seen only on Nakleng sam slung.

Scare Factor: High to nightmare. Due to the fanfare and the red Thai text zooming in, this logo had been a source of bad dreams and nightmares for many.