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Logo description by Thisisanswer

Logo captures by Newave

Background: This is the vanity card of Paul Demeo and Danny Bilson.

(September 20, 1990-May 24, 1999)

Logo: On a cracked marble background, there is a cote-out circle in the middle of the screen. Inside it is a green fly in front of a cartoonish sky with some clouds. Above is "PET FLY" in a arch over the circle which is also cote-out. Below it is "PRODUCTIONS" in a mishmash font made of symbols, including an Eye of Horus, in a rounded rectangle which is also curved against the bottom of the circle. Below it appears "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" in white.

FX/SFX: The IAW text fading in. Sometimes none.

Music/Sounds: A fly buzzing starting in 1994. Most of the time, it is the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on Human Target, The Flash (the 1990 series), Viper, andThe Sentinel.

Scare Factor: Low. The buzzing may scare some, but it's harmless. The scare factor may raise to some whomay have a fearof insects.