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Logo descriptions by Eric S., Codyfinke2, and wisp2007
Logo captures by Eric S, Verloren50 and wisp2007

Background: Pearson Television Video (or PT Video for short) was a home video distributor that was founded in 1998 from a merger of Pearson New Entertainment Video and Thames Video to distribute titles on videocassette. It became FremantleMedia Home Entertainment by 2001.



Nicknames: "PT", "PT Block", "PT Cube"

Logo: On a moving purple background, we see a circular right moving from the logo. Then we see what appears to be a shape of a cube with the words cote-out, "P" on the left side, "T" on the right side, and "VIDEO" is on the bottom right of the cube. The logo brightens. The cube then turns blue with pink and green circular lights., which then glows brighter. The byline "A Division of Pearson Television International Ltd" fades in below the cube.

FX/SFX: The circular light moving to the light and bright, the dark cube-shaped appearing, the cube-shaped glows brighter, and the fading in of the byline.

Music/Sounds: We start with an echoey clang, and while a single synth pad note plays, we hear what sounds like a jet engine accelerating.

Availability: Seen on PT Video releases from the era, such as Thames releases.