Closing Logo Group

Background: PBS Kids GO! was a block of programming created by PBS in 2004 to appeal to school-aged kids. However, PBS Kids, through the years, still had a reputation applying mainly to younger audiences, which prompted PBS to retire the block in October 2013 and move GO! programming to the normal PBS Kids block. At the same time, the PBS Kids branding was giving a major overhaul.


Logo/ID: The logo/ID itself had different variants. However, they had much in common- 3D square designs, kids interacting with the logo, and PBS Kids GO's logo in the ident.

Variants: Many different ones, depending on the show and local PBS distributor.

FX/SFX: As said in the Logo segment, the kids interacted with the logo itself. This let many objects move, especially the 3D squares that were a major part of the design and the letters in the PBS Kids GO logo.

Music/Sounds: A whistling kind of music is heard throughout most, if not all, of the idents associated with the brand. At the end of each one, kids shout "Go!". Station IDs and "viewers like you" segments had a young male announcer telling us the sponsors of the program it was aired with.

Music/Sounds Variants: Station IDs had a much longer variant of the whistling music.

Availability: Near extinction, if not completely extinct. The PBS Kids GO block was retired in 2013, so this logo likely hasn't been seen since. Check your recordings.

Scare Factor: None.