Closing Logo Group


Logo: On a dark mountain we see a slot machine on the right, a thunder strikes from a cloud and hits the slot machine. The lever of the machine sparks and pulls itself. The picture fades out and three white squares zooms towards the screen. Then a close up of the slot machine appears behind them, making them part of the machine. We then see symbols (including a nuclear symbol, a peace symbol...), spinning on the screen. the slot machine stops when the screen shows the word "EXIT" three times. The slot machine fades out and the three copies of "EXIT" merge together and zoom out. We then see a red explosion forming an X, followed by the words "ne treme" and "films" with a box between them zooms towards the screen and the box gets covered by the X, which zooms in.

FX/SFX: The slot machine, the zooming and merging, the explosion.

Music/Sounds: The thunder followed by a dramatic monotonous horror-like fanfare (a la Golden Harvest logo) and the sounds of the action, including whooshes.

Availability: Seen on their first movie Nexxt. Would also appear on any of their following movies until Libiomfi.

Scare factor: Medium to nightmare. The very dark, horror-like symbolism may surprise anyone, combined with the dark atmosphere, music and the red "X" zooming in near the end. This may also appear on non-horror movies, which may surprise those who were not expecting it.