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New Zealand on Air (or the Broadcasting Commission) (in Maori: Iriangi TE Motu) is an independent New Zealand broadcast funding agency founded in 1989. It is an autonomous crown entity separate from central Government and governed by a Board of six appointed by the Minister of Broadcasting. It was formed in 1989.

1st Logo (1992-2000[]

Note: Logo starts at 0:11.

Nicknames: Eric the Goldfish, "Maori/English Translation"

Logo: On a black background, "Irirangi" appears above a red squiggly line, "TE" above a blue squiggly line, and "Motu" above a green squiggly line which bares the text "NZ on Air" which later turn over to where Irirangi is replaced by NZ, TE by ON and Motu by AIR and the English name replaced with it's Maori translation.




  • It mostly does that turn thing to reveal the network's logo that the show was made by before or after.
  • An in-credit variation in the ending credits of Oscar and Friends occurs with the Broadcasting Fee info still appearing after the NZ on Air logo turns over to the TV3 logo from this era.
  • The text's animation takes place on the upper corner, where on the bottom, Eric the Goldfish (their former mascot), appears wiping in the words "With the Help of your Broadcasting Fee." and also blows some bubbles while he does that position.
  1. For more about Eric the Goldfish: see:

Trivia: Eric the Goldfish used to be the company's mascot.

FX/SFX: The waves moving, the flipping transition. Eric wiping in the text on the variant.

Music/Sounds: Mainly, an announcer would be heard saying ''(This) [SHOW/PROGRAMME/MOVIE] was (''[a/an] produced/made by/at [PRODUCTION COMPANY NAME] production/studios [LOCATION]'') made for [NETWORK NAME] with the help of your broadcasting fee, so you can see more of New Zealand on Air.''

  • Example on TVOne/TV2: Regular animation until it turns over to the late-90's TVOne/TV2 logo/s with a TVOne/TV2 announcer narrating "This programme was made for TVOne/TV2 with the help of your broadcasting fee, so you can see more of New Zealand on Air."
  • Eric only: A variant exists with Eric the Goldfish narrating the credit.

Sometimes, in Maori, it is: ''Hanga tēnei hōtaka i ki te awhina o koutou Fee Broadcasting, kia taea e koe te kite atu, o Aotearoa I te rangi."

Availability: Seen on old shows made by TV One, TV2, TV3 and TV4/C4(2)/Four/TheEdgeTV/Bravo.

2nd Logo (2000-2010)[]

Nicknames: Irirangi TE Motu", "NZ On Air II "At New Zealand's Jungle"

Logo: Same animation as the first logo, but modified. Now, only with the company's name letters in black and the logo is in front of the jungle fern. The camera turns as the text does its usual animation. Below the logo there is the text Tatou waiata, o matou kōrero, to tatou ano". For a second it transforms into English translation: "Our stories, songs, and selves."

FX/SFX: Same, only the scene changing directions as well as the camera turning.

Music/Sounds: A chime and guitar along with an announcer narrating that ''(This [SHOW/PROGRAMME/MOVIE] was made with funding from New Zealand on Air.'' or ''Thank You/mihi, New Zealand On Air, for helping us make [SHOW NAME].'' or in Maori, it is: "Hanga i tenei whakaaturanga i te pūtea i hou o Aotearoa I te rangi."

Music/Sound Variant: Sometimes, only the music is heard.

Availability: Mostly seen on many 2000-2010 produced shows, movies or documentaries that have been made during that area with funding from New Zealand on Air.

3rd Logo (2008-2021?)[]


NZ on Air logo (2017)

Nickname: "The Audiowave"

Logo: On a black background, cyan audio waves draw out as a few form a oblong shape. A few more multi-colored ones start to emerge as a few more audio waves draw across the screen and the wave starts to draw in letters. The sun rises over silhouetted mountains and helps form up the rest of the new logo. It consists of 2 cut-off hill shapes, going from orange to blue, which form a valley below. "NZ On Air" can be seen in a large rounded font, with the Maori translation below in smaller print. The waves then eventually disappear and the logo shines a bit.

FX/SFX: The audio, mountain, and the words.

Music/Sounds: Xylophone music as well as an announcer narrating ''Supporting local content so you can see more of New Zealand on Air.'', sometimes the same one as before.

Availability: Common.

4th Logo (2021- )[]

Nickname: "Maori to English III"

Logo: On a white background, the Maori text "Irirangi te Motu" appears in the same font as before one-by-one, sliding to the left as a blue/red gradient wave starts to form and shifts around. As this happens, a spew of green/navy blue gradient goo is form and rotates around the words, splitting off and briefly forming an rounded version of New Zealand, before "NZ On Air" starts flipping in one-by-one as well. While this happens, the hills-and-valley logo forms up beside it, only this time in a blue gradient color. It stays on screen for about a second before the letters flip and fade away, and the hills disappear.

FX/SFX: The blobs, the words flipping in.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 3rd logo, although no announcer is present.

Availability: Current. Seen on shows such as What Now? and Tagata Pasifika.