Closing Logo Group

(May 31, 1974)

New World

Logo: On a black background, two blue circles move to the left/right and "collide" to make a darker blue background, with a more darker oval. Suddenly, the text "NW" on a flat, curved-line yellow font zooms out to us. The blue circles then get separated and a dark chutney-red globe with white lines zooms out into the "NW". Then, the text on red, which is the chinese original text of the company, and it's traduction on white, "NEW WORLD FILM PRODUCTION CO." appear fading in over the "NW".

FX/SFX: The blue circles, the NW and the globe zooming, the fading of the texts.

Music/Sounds: An descending violin ditty, following an ascending-descending synth whoosh. An cartoony-ish fanfare (similar to Tom and Jerry's or the Looney Tunes') follows it, with the last note being held.

Availability: Seen only on Badge 369 (a.k.a Supremo).

Editor's Note: The animation seems like very choppy, even of its time (early-to-mid 1970's) as there are some cel-animated logos from the 50's and 60's which have a smoother animation. And, as well, the music that sounds very cartoony and unfitting, even for the comedy-themed movie where this logo came, as the movie is also crime-themed.