Closing Logo Group

(December 7, 1973-September 29, 1995))[]

Warning: The video is loud, so turn down your volume before watching it.

Logo: After over a second of a black background, there is an abstract statue of a woman lifting her hands in front of the half-moon with a semi-circled land mass and cactuses on its borders in front of her legs. Under all of these, there is a pedestal saying the company's name along with a gray table. A spotlight illuminates the rest of the silhouette after a few seconds.

Visuals: An in-credit variant exists where an outlined logo consisting of only the woman, landmass, and moon is seen in a rounded box against the film's opening scene. Malayalam text is seen below.

FX/SFX: The revelation of the statue.

Music/Sounds: A tampura solo with a sitar, a synthesized harp, and some bansuri notes played in a very high pitch.

Availability: Seen on Chuzhi, Sanghaganam, and Pathinalaam Raavu. The in-credit variant was seen on Ormakal Undaayirikkanam.

Editor's Note: It's just a very tacky design with a scary touch, for the music's fault, and the most part, it's cheesy aesthetic.