Closing Logo Group

(October 25, 1976-August 11, 1980)[]

Nicknames: "NP of Doom", "V of Doom's Egyptian Grandson", "Three Long Gong Crashes from Hell" (hence in the Music/Sounds section), "What Were They Thinking? IV: Egypt Edition"

Logo: On a black background, the giant white text "NP" with a squared-like font and red blur zooms in at the screen, a la Viacom's V of Doom. Seconds later, text in Arabic appears in the same font and shadow as the previous text located below said text. Then, two bright pieces of text "PRESENTS" (one being in English and the other in Arabic) appear next to their respective translated text.

Variant: An early variant exists on Daerat Al-Enteqam where the English and Arabic text is solid red and "PRESENTS" is more hand-drawn, the red glow is absent, and a white horizontal line separates the English and Arabic translation once "NP" in Arabic appears.

FX/SFX: The texts zooming in and popping in.

Music/Sounds: Three loud gong crashes (a la The Rank Organisation) which fit with the appearance of the texts.

Availability: Seen on Daerat Al-Enteqam and My Lover... For Ever.

Editor's Note: Being a logo with "in-your-face" animation, a red color scheme and loud music would scare their target audience, especially those who've never seen it before. However, it may be worse due to the cheapness of the logo and the sudden appearance of the Arabic text. But it's lower, but bordering on your thinking for those who are used to it. Others may be confused, though.