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Formed by brothers Rodrigo and Ricardo Piologo, Mundo Canibal started out as a sexually oriented Web animation studio, which soon became a real Television company on Multishow. It has since been rebranded to "Irmaos Piologo."

Mundo Canibal[]

Canibal 1
Canibal 2
Canibal 3

Warning: Due to profanity and severe toilet humor, neither the Mundo Cani-bosta nor Carlinhos's variants will be allowed on this site. This also extends to the Babyquicha variant due to gore.

Logo: Depending on the short's opening background, but mostly black, we see a Gir-like man with cucumber nose and out-ordered eyes, holding a party hat and a skull at the same time at the top of it's head, and the fact that the mouth is open with two "teeth" in a red paint splatted on the floor. The text "MUNDO CANIBAL" in a weird, wobbly but mostly understandable font, with the C which has sharp teeth in it's border, appears at the bottom of it.


  • A version mostly used on later shorts features the same skulled man, and the texts being white, but with no paint splatted and with the text "www." on the top and ".com" on the bottom.
  • On Carlinhos - Cafezés da Manhá, the skull smokes, and smoke can be seen.
  • On Fetinho, all the outlines are orange.
  • On José e o Nené, suddenly the text "EPAÑOL" in a Total Drama font, appears on "CANIBAL"
  • A version on Bonecos Preconceito features the skulled guy being squared and instead of a skull, has a button on it.
  • Sometimes, starting on Mundo Canibal Apocalipse - Abertura do JOGO!, the logo of Irmaos Piologo (which describing when you scroll down) makes conjoint with it.
  • A variant on "Privada Falante" has the logo pooped black, but still the logo is in there.
  • On Companheiro Pop-Up, the logo suddenly glitches.
  • On Da Hadouken Riu, the text and the skull are 8-bitted.

FX/SFX: Depends on the variant.

Music/Sounds: Treco (the voice of a drunken, very innocent brazilian) says: "Os Mundo Canibal Aspresentcha:" followed by the name of the series.

Music/Sounds Variants: (More to come)

  • On Boby Psicótico e a banda Gaystart, Treco sings like an wannabe superstar "Mundo Canibal Apre-sen-ta:"
  • On Barbearia do Boby Psicótico, Treco says very drunken-like, or like a zombie, with thunders following the saying: "Mundo Caniball... Apreseaaaaaaaa....."
  • On E Agora José, José says the company name saying with a japanese accent: "Mundo Caribeño Apresenta:"
  • On José e o Nené, Treco says "Mundo Canal" instead of "Mundo Canibal"
  • On shorts like José is Back, Boby Psicotico e o Drogy Guaraná and more, Chuq Noía (an evil-like sound of an adult brazilian) says the company's name.
  • On some of Carlinhos' shorts, or A Animacao Mais Curta do Mundo, Treco says "Mundo Canibosta!"
  • On Cotoco, Treco says in a groovy-ish accent "Mundo Canibal das Apelacoes Aaaaaapresenta:"

Availability: Extremely common. First seen on Pokemerda, last seen on O Truco do WhatZap.

Editor's Note: The overall logo looks like it had been designed whilst drunk, sick, or even cannibalistic, the skull doesn't had any sense, and the announcer saying it makes the difference, competing with being the best logo ever, which adds to it's cheesiness. And the José e o Nené variant goes far off the charts, beacuse of the "EPAÑOL" suddenly appearing on the text "CANIBAL", that which makes this logo more jumbled up than the others. But considering this is a adult-oriented company, this was very intentional.



Logo: We see the minuscule text "irmaos", on a weird, possibly drawn font in the top, and the text "Piologo" with the first O being a circle (man) with sunglasses and a hoodie cap, and the third O being a man with an afro hair.

Trivia: In order of O's from left to right, these men are named Rodrigo and Ricardo Piologo, founders of which the company was named Mundo Canibal.

FX/SFX: See Mundo Canibal.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Music/Sounds Variants: TBA

Availability: Current. Seen first on Mundo Canibal Apocalipse - Abertura do JOGO!!!, and used in tandem with the Mundo Canibal logo.

Editor's Note: It's a great improvement over the Mundo Canibal Logo, but the gray text and still the grown-up Treco voice can get to some.