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Background: Movie Buzz Home Video was an indie spin-off VCD distributor of Inova Digimedia.

(October 23, 2000-2008?)[]

Nickname: "The Zooming Indonesian Star"

Logo: Over a space background, a red star zooms out from the top left corner, followed by a horizontal red-white rectangle flipping slowly, facing the viewer. Then, a disc-shaped O zooms in, placing itself onto the rectangle, followed by the bronze word "movie", which changes to black. "BUZZ" zig-zags in from the top, landing onto the red side of the square and sparkling. Finally, "HOME VIDEO" is revealed via a scratchy light, and the background becomes white.

FX/SFX: The zoom outs, the light.

Music/Sounds: Starts off with a soothing synth tune, followed by a string hit and synth windchime sounds (from MediaLine Entertainment’s logo), followed by an airy whistling sound when the O comes, the string hit and windchimes again, a combination of a laser zap and a string note playing 4 times, a weird ascending synth tune, and a sparkling tune, and finally the last 2/3 of the MediaLine theme, which abruptly fades out. Most of these sounds may be stock.

Availability: Seen on indie films distributed by the company in Indonesia.