Closing Logo Group


This was the home entertainment division of Indian technology company Moser Baer.



Logo: On a brown planet in space with another planet near it, we see the Moser Baer logo ("moserbaer" with "moser" in bold with the "o" resembling the Vodafone logo and "baer" in serif and red) in 3D. We zoom in towards the "o" and it spins. A comet comes out from the "o" and flies towards the moon and becomes multi-colored. It dodges asteroids while near Saturn. It later spreads itself into many colored comets to form a lowercase "e". The two asteroids pass by and "entertainment" zooms out to place itself in the middle of the "e" and "hello happiness!" appears under the "e". An line draws near the "e" and "hello happiness!" and the dot in the "i" hits the first "l", the "o", the second "p" and places itself under the exclamation point.

FX/SFX: CGI animation by Graphiti Multimedia.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Availability: Rare. It appears on DVDs and Blu-rays from the company, including My Friend Ganesha 2 and Bhoothnath.