Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "Exploding Rock of Doom", "The Fourth Reverse Jumpscare Logo", "The Bait-And-Switch 'Scary' Logo", "VID's Lost Cambodian Brother"

Logo: On a blue space background, a spinning rock/asteroid zooms into the screen and then self-destructs, with fiery particles emerging from the middle. A small twinkle then appears in the middle of the screen, in which a stone Buddha head emerges from it and zooms in. Cambodian text in red with yellow fronts comes in and rotates into place, formed as an arc. Another pair of it rotates into place and and shines.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: Cheap 3D animation. The music is also cheesy, some of which sounds like it came out from MIDI or a low-budget computer game.

Music/Sounds: A very cheap but dramatic ascending piano theme at the beginning, followed by the explosion, and then a stock musical piece with other stock effects. A 2-note fanfare is then heard, which is actually "finish.wav" from Game Maker tutorial "Adding Depth".

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Low to high. The unnecessary beginning will upset and surprise a lot of people, because it comes out of nowhere with the overly dramatic music and explosion, especially when compared to the harmless rest of the logo. The stone head and clipping distortion may also get to a few.