Closing Logo Group

Note: Since Mattel is so big, it requires a lot of research for logos. For now, here's one:

1st Logo (2000's-)[]

Logo: On a white background, the Mattel logo slides and zooms in until it reaches a comfortable position.

FX/SFX: The logo sliding and zooming, or none.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme, or none.


  • Sometimes, the logo is still. Sometimes, the Mattel logo would be inside a square. One variant of this has the words "In association with" above the logo on a black background, it was seen on The Music in You, a bonus feature on the DVD of Barbie of Swan Lake.
  • An in-credit version exists.
  • Sometimes, there are ®/TM symbols next to the logo.

Availability: Common. Can be found on Barbie: Star Light Adventure and Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase. The still version on a white background can be found on PollyWorld, My Scene: Masquerade Madness, and Dancing on Air - The Making of Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses (with a copyright notice) and on a black background on 2 Cool at the Pocket Plaza, My Scene Goes Hollywood: The Movie and The Barbie Diaries. The in-credit version is seen on the Barbie: Dreamtopia movie, which can be found on the DVD release of Barbie: Star Light Adventure.

2nd Logo (2010s)[]

Logo: On a black background, we see the Mattel logo on it's side, spinning. The logo then rotates and slowly stops spinning, stopping in the logo's normal position. Copyright info fades in below.

FX/SFX: The logo spinning and rotating, or none.

Music/Sounds: None, or the ending theme.

Variant: A still version exists without any copyright notice.

Availability: The animated version can be found on Monster High: New Ghoul at School. The still version appears on some of the other Monster High movies.

3rd Logo (Theatrical; August 31st, 2016-)[]

Mattel Theatrical Logo

Logo: Shot in 16mm film, we see the montage of Mattel's workprints of famous franchises (Such as Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price) over the years. It ends with its corporate logo.

Closing Logo: Just the corporate logo on the black background.

Early Variant: In the very fast pace, we see part of the Fisher-Price logo, then it cuts to the pictures of the old Mattel Creations headquarters and its sign, which the film drops down. We briefly looks at the Mattel Toys logo (With its mascot) and cuts to the corporate logo.

FX/SFX: The montage.

Music/Sounds: The opening theme.

Availability: Current. The early version was only seen on the trailer for Max Steel.