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Logo description by MegaAveron25 and naxo-olé

Video capture courtesy of RaroVHS



MasterVision (1980's)

Nicknames: "1980's: A MasterVision Odyssey," "StarGateVision"

Logo: We start out with a filmstrip shape against a black background while footage of the "Star Gate" sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey plays inside it. after 5 seconds, it begins to zoom away to reveal that the filmstrip was actually made into the letters "MV", and below it is the word "MASTERVISION SRL" in a neo-retro font with the letters "M" and "V" larger than the rest, horns of the "V" expanded over the top while the left one stopping at the M, like the Activision and 1980s BBC Video (UK) logos, and SRL facing sideways on the right in smaller letters. The entire logo dissolves and changes to a dark gray background with four copies of the word "Presenta" in a pixelated sans-serif font (each copy being colored blue, green, red and yellow, and having a drop shadow underneath it) zooming out at a comfortable distance.

Variant: Some releases, such as Deranged, don't feature the "Presenta" portion.

FX/SFX: The footage, as well as the zooming and dissolving.

Music/Sounds: Dreamy music that continues from the warning screen (excerpted from "Ebb Time" by Roger Webb).

Availability: Ultra rare.

Editor's Note: Besides the "Star Gate" footage being stolen, the zooming and dissolving looks like it was made with early computer graphics.