Closing Logo Group

(January 19, 2000-November 15, 2000)[]

Nicknames: "Elephant Head Twins and Green Text of Doom", "Killer Elephant Heads", "Blatant Use Of PS1's Music", "The Ugly Elephant Heads"

Logo: Against a black background, we see an outlined orange elephant head in the middle, then it duplicates into two elephant heads, on the left and on the right, and the text:


(the O in "MAN♢LI" looks more like an outlined diamond gem) zooms in and takes place (the text "MAN♢LI" being tall and big, and "FILMS" being short and stretched). After that, the text flashes.

Variant: On Eskort, the elephant heads are green, dark and unclear, and the flashing effect is only applied on the diamond.

FX/SFX: The elephant head duplicating, and the zooming and flashing of the text.

Music/Sounds: The blatant use of PlayStation SCE logo's music, with zapping. On Eskort, a dramatic horn fanfare with different zapping sounds.

Availability: Very rare. Seen on Burador - Ang Babaing SugoEskort and some VHS tapes produced by them.


  • Original: There is a lot of wrong in this logo. The original version's music is just the Sony Computer Entertainment music, the elephant head outlines are strange, and, like many Filipino film logos of the time, it's outdated. It's surprising that Sony did not sue them for the use of the music. Also, the black background, the text, the jarring appearance, and the weird elephant heads may not sit well with some people, along with the blatant use of the SCE startup theme from the PlayStation which may perplex some, but those who are fans of the PlayStation might like this logo.
  • Eskort variant: This variant is even worse, as the elephant heads look more creepy and the music is more dramatic than usual. In other words, it's even darker, creepier and uglier, but at least they had the courtesy to create their own music instead of ripping off the PlayStation's.