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Mandoo Pictures is an animation company that handled the first (and currently only) feature Rock Dog in conjunction with the H. Brothers.

(October 6th, 2016 - February 24th, 2017)[]

Logo: On a white gradient background that serves as the floor, we see pieces that made up to create the word "M A N D O O". The pieces of that made the representatives of the letters of the word were:

  • M - A connected joint of the blue triangle and the red/yellow/orange/teal/purple right triangle.
  • A - A blue triangle
  • N - A small blue right triangle at the bottom left and A big blue right triangle at the top right.
  • D - A blue square-circle
  • Two Os - Blue circles.

The pieces moves briefly and drops that made them jiggle briefly before it made the rest.


  • On TV spots (Including the first one that was made theatrically), it shares with the Summit Premiere and H. Brothers logos in squares.
    • Many of them feature it smaller.
  • At the beginning, it shows the slightly longer version. We start with the pieces on random places. Then, the second blue circle tries in and the pieces suddenly moves to create the said word. After the brief jiggling, the word then flattened out into 2D.
  • The expanded version is seen on Vimeo. While the camera backs away for the first half, we start off with the square that made out of the white trials at the top and the "M". After a couple seconds, some pieces drops in and eventually breaks the square, sending the white triangle out and the "M" to break apart. After the camera stops, the above version plays as normal.

FX/SFX: CGI. Made at Collider Studios.

Music/Sounds: The trailer/TV spot music for the normal version and the TV spot variation. The opening theme for the slightly longer version. None for the expanded version.

Availability: Extremely rare.