Closing Logo Group

(December 22, 1971-July 13, 1988)

Logo: Just a in-credit notice saying "A MALPASO COMPANY FILM".


  • In Dirty Harry, It says "IN A MALPASO COMPANY PRODUCTION". This is due to it saying "CLINT EASTWOOD" before the Malpaso Company notice. In full, reading "CLINT EASTWOOD IN A MALPASO COMPANY PRODUCTION".
  • In The Dead Pool, it simply just reads "A MALPASO PRODUCTION".
  • On Escape from Alcatraz, the text says "A MALPASO COMPANY/SIEGEL FILM".

FX/SFX: None, unless you count what is happening in the opening titles.

Music/Sounds: Just the opening title's theme or dialog.

Availability: Seen in the opening credits of all Dirty Harry films' (except for Sudden Impact) starting with the first one until The Dead Pool.

Scare Factor: None. Though it may depend on what's happening during the opening titles.