Closing Logo Group

Background: This is the vanity card for Tommy Nelson. It was formed in 1991.

1st Logo (1995-2002)[]

Nicknames: "The Village of Main Street"

Logo: On a blue-navy blue gradient background, a green hill is seen with the fences and trees. We pan up and zoom in to see a street with many buildings, and decorations, such as a fountain. We see a pole with two street signs that are blank and turning. They stop at us by reading "MAINSTREET" and "ENTERTAINMENT INC", dropping lots of pixie dust on the grass. The pixie dust is making the sky go brighter.

FX/SFX: Moving 2D illustrations (With the animated water fountain), CG street sign and pixie dust FX.

Music/Sounds: Snappy rock music with a Japanese xylophone that goes through a descending bounce ending over another snap accompanied by a glittery sound and the singing birds at the end of the logo.

Availability: First seen on the 1995 live-action movie The Perils of the Red Ring. Also seen on The Big Garage and St. Bear's Dolls Hospital, as they air on Smile of a Child, and the English versions of the Simsala Grimm series and the 2000 animated feature The Pirates of Tortuga: Under the Black Flag.

2nd Logo (1999-2001)[]

Logo: In the city, the camera goes down the street and pans to a close-up of two street signs reading "MAINSTREET" (with "M" and "S" bigger) and "ENTERTAINMENT INC." (with the first "E" in "ENTERTAINMENT" bigger and "INC." at the top-right).

Variant: At the end of The Legend of the Three Trees, it cuts from the Tommy Nelson logo beginning after the fade in. Then, instead of fading out, it cuts to the TLC Entertainment logo.


Music/Sounds: A horn fanfare, accompanied by the honking of the cars near the end.

Music/Sounds Variant: On ...Three Trees, it has the instrumental version of the song "The Tree" playing over it.

Availability: Very rare. It can be seen on The Crippled Lamb, The Legend of the Three Trees, and The Legend of the Candy Cane.