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Magia Video Home

Nicknames: "V of Steel Audio Rip-Off", "MV of Steel", "V of Steal"

Logo: On a pink background, a rectangle with the words "MAGIA VIDEO HOME" flies in. Then, it starts to flip as a white square containing a shape resembling a cylinder with a green-blue gradient coloration and a red "V" shape cut out of it flips in as well. The logo freezes, and then disappears.

FX/SFX: The flipping.

Music/Sounds: The Viacom "V of Steel" logo in a slightly lower pitch.

Availability: Unknown. The logo was posted into the RaroVHS YouTube channel. It may have been seen in an Argentinian copy of Eliminators (1986), which was distributed by the company.

Editor's Note: This logo is noteworthy for its blatant use of the V of Steel jingle. Why couldn't they be more original?