Closing Logo Group


Nicknames: "The Red Directing Square" "The Korean Space Logo" "The Slanted Reverse S's" "Se Gul's Even Prouder Cousin"

Mae Born Movie

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Technically everything with very primitive effects and background, especially how the logo and the texts form.

Cheesy Factor: The background looks weird, but not that much. Also, They shouldn't have stopped the final background, also the entire M looks like three S's slanted in reverse altogether. The flashes on the forming in look very cheesy though, but more than enough.

Music/Sounds: A cling which then transmitts into a very proud ascending synth fanfare with rapidly beeping sounds on the finishing parts. It jarringly fades.

Availability: May be seen on their films of the time, but for now it's completely unknown.

Scare Factor: Medium, mainly because of the weird effects this logo has and it's jarring but clearly-like appearance, but those who used to it have less of a problem. It's also lowering the fact that it's scary, because of the music, which is even more prouder than other logos of it's kind.