Closing Logo Group



Logo: On a black background, we see an abstract,red, platinum-lined "M" with it's filmstrip-like thing being the left side of it, set on a yellow square with a white neon line on it's border, with the line being flat at the bottom and the text "MADHU" appears, fading from up to down. The white text "MADHU ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA GROUP PRESENTS" appears from the bottom of the text.

FX/SFX: Simple fade-in effects.

Cheesy Factor: Are the creators rushed on what they did or they just planned to do this logo as the same thing? What the heck is wrong with it? Also, there is the text of the company, why they superimpose the white text?

Music/Sounds: None. On Bengal Tiger, it adds to the scare factor.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor: None for some movies. It's harmless and the animation is too simple. High for the Bengal Tiger version, the simple animation is there, but the fact that it follows the Titwala Filmwalas logo makes it more creepier than quaint.