Closing Logo Group

(Early 1980's-1987)[]

Mad Dog Productions logo

Logo: We see a Doberman Pinscher standing in a field move for about a half a second with its sharp canine teeth showing looking like it's ready to attack or kill (the rear end of another doberman is seen next to it as well, on the right side of the screen.) After the doberman moves for half a second, the picture freezes and the text "A MAD-DOG PRODUCTION" appears in a child-like, Walt Disney-ish text with an underline at the bottom of it.

Trivia: The footage seen in this logo originates from the Baretta episode "The Dream".

FX/SFX: The dog and the text; pretty much everything about this logo is cheesy with the exception of the dog moving at the half second (but even that is a bit cheesy itself).

Music/Sounds: Either one of two different sounds of a growling and angry dog. The end-of-credits music of a certain program may finish into this logo.

Availability: Extremely rare/near extinction. It was seen on the TV movies The Archer: Fugitive from the Empire and J.O.E. and the Colonel. It's also seen on the short-lived 1986 series Outlaws.

Legacy: The terrifying video of the dog snarling at us will scare just about everyone who's viewing it for the first (and possibly only) time. The text, can contribute to the factor. The scare factor may raise on Outlaws due to this being followed by Universal Television's "Globe of Doom".