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Macrovision is the titular copy-protection system from the company Macrovision Systems Corporation, first used on the 1985 VHS/Betamax/LaserDisc of The Cotton Club. In 2009, the company changed its name to Rovi, which had changed its name again to TiVo Corporation on September 8, 2016 after Rovi acquired TiVo. Until 1997, Macrovision didn't use an animated logo, just warning screens.

(September 2, 1997-March 27, 2007)[]


Nickname: "Gold CP/Macrovision"

Logo: On a black background, we see a pink metallic triangle with "cp" on it (which stands for "copy protected" or "copy protection"), which zooms out and rotates from the bottom left to the center. Some clouds and sandy dunes are reflected onto the triangle, which shines, causing it to turn gold. Then a flash appears on the center to swallow the triangle up in order to serve room for the logo, and "MACROVISION QUALITY PROTECTION" (in Eurostile LT Std Condensed font) zooms out, with a triangle next to it. An upside-down triangle resembles the V in "MACROVISION", and after it zooms out, the triangle shines with a "ping" and "QUALITY PROTECTION" starts to glow. In the background of the triangle and "MACROVISION", there is what appears to be a background of a desert and a cloudy sky (and if you watch closely, a watery oasis near the bottom of the desert as the text zooms out).


  • A French variant exists where it fades in to the finished logo with the triangle stuck on the light and the text and the Quality Protection text fades in, but is replaced by "Protection de la qualite".
  • On a VHS of 100 Greatest Tackles, the logo is cut off early.

FX/SFX: The shining, the triangle changing colors, and the zoom out. Nice CGI.

Music/Sounds: A mellow synth tune.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • From 2003-05, a silent version was used on VHS (the DVD counterparts all had the theme). This has been spotted on Hulk, Love Actually, Along Came Polly, and Friday Night Lights.
  • On some DVDs, the logo is out of sync with the music.

Availability: It premiered on the VHS of Keys to Tulsa, and can be seen at the end of Universal releases from 2000-07 (save for some VHS releases), at the end of DreamWorks VHS releases from 2000-06, at the beginning of PolyGram Video and USA Home Entertainment releases from 1997-2002 (except for the 1998 North American retail release of Barney's Great Adventure, the 2000 DVD release of Franklin and the Green Knight, the 2001 VHS and DVD releases of Franklin's First Christmas, and some other DVDs), and at the beginning of HBO Home Video tapes from 2000-01. It has also been spotted on Popular Mechanics for Kids and Mommy and Me DVDs as well. Also seen on a few BBC videos, the Canadian Alliance Atlantis DVD of Bowling for Columbine, the Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc. VHS of Millennium Fears: Fact or Fiction?, and at the end of the Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment VHS of Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Good Friends Forever!. The French variant can be seen on a French VHS of The Eighth Day. The first Universal DVD to use this logo was The Best Man, and the last to use it was Children of Men. It was also seen at the beginning of the European PolyGram StudioCanal Video/Universal StudioCanal Video PAL releases from 1998-2005, and on the 2001 Universal DVD of Muhammad Ali: Through the Eyes of the World.