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Background: MR Cine Arts was the production company of Indian film producer M. Ramaswamy.

(October 22, 1989)[]


Nickname: "The Indian Torch Lady"

Logo: It starts with a bright flare against a black background. A light slowly illuminates the bottom half, revealling a statue of a woman holding a torch that the flare is currently on. As the light continues to light up the statue, it also reveals a white pedestal in the shape of the letters "MR" and the red text "CINE ARTS" below the pedestal.

FX/SFX: The illumination of the statue.

Music/Sounds: A muted synth piano tune, then some notes of a tampura, a dotara and a sitar, on which it jarringly cuts when it gets interesting.

Availability: Seen on Jeevitham Oru Raagam.

Editor's Note: This may be jarring if you aren't satisfied with the volume from which this logo has, but otherwise this is mostly harmless for some and at the same time very relaxing.