Closing Logo Group


This company was ran by actor and comedian Michael J. Fox.

(September 17, 1996-2003)[]

Nickname: "Moo"

Logo: On a white background, We see a still drawing picture of three green grassy hill tops, a red barn on the first hill and 2 small trees on the second. Between the blue highlighted line the black letters "LoTTeryHill" (with two Ts attached to each other) and between the purple highlighted line, the smaller black letters all in caps "ENTERTAINMENT".

FX/SFX: None.

Cheesy Factor: The red barn isn't completely colored in, especially the hills. The "LoTTeryHill" text looks a little like a child's handwriting (though this is probably intentional).

Music/Sounds: A short country style guitar roll is played followed by a male voice (Fox himself) saying "moo".

Availability: Seen on Spin City, Anna Says, and the TV movies Otherwise Engaged and Hench at Home.

Scare Factor: Low.