Closing Logo Group

These are the logo variations seen throughout the years by Dygra Films:

Taxia (2002): Instead of the dog, we see the three chickens from the short, clucking.

El Señor de los Mosquis: Los Dos Tarros (2004): A fly appears and whistles at the dog.

Dygra Films 5

El Señor de los Mosquis: El Retorno de la Ley (2004): Several rocks hit the dog, who ducks and disappears. A fly then appears, holding another fly, and puts it on the ribbon, replacing the dog. Another fly, holding a camera, also appears and takes a picture of the logo.

Dygra Films 6

Midsummer Dream (2005): After the logo's animation ends, a hand pushes the dog away. It turns out it was Puck, who pops out of the ribbon and laughs.

Dygra Films 7

El Bufón y la Infanta (2007): Francisco pushes the dog out of the ribbon and replaces him. A bunch of white balls hit Francisco as he ducks, and then Margarita appears on the ribbon, looking angry.

Spirit of the Forest (2008): Furi is seen resting in a corner of the ribbon, he then hears the dog coming and runs away. The dog then appears and pops his head out of the ribbon as he barks angry at Furi, who is nowhere to be seen now. The dog then hits his head with one of the tubes of the ribbon as he tries to get his head inside it again, and escapes, as the camera zooms to the center of said ribbon, beginning the movie.


Dygra Films (2008, Spirit of the Forest variant)

In trailers, the dog is hitten by a lightning and gets scorched.

Dygra Films 8
Dygra Films 9

Holy Night! (2012): The logo animates as usual over the background of the movie's opening scene. As the logo animates, we see Rita and baby Jesus on the sleigh, racing through the snow. Baby Jesus comes out of the sleigh and hits the logo, making it vanish.

Dygra Films 10