Closing Logo Group

Help I'm A Fish (2000): The logo is in a blue color, scrolling during the credits.

Terkel in Trouble (2004): The circle is white, the pig's grin is twisted and the logo scrolls during the credits.


Asterix and the Vikings (2005): The logo is in a white color and scrolls during the credits.

The Ugly Duckling and Me (2006): The logo is scrolling during the credits, as the characters from the movie are dancing.

Amazon Jack (2007): TBA.

Niko and the Way to the Stars (2008): Same as Terkel in Trouble.

Journey to Saturn (2008): The movie opens in a space BG. The logo suddenly flashes with "PRÄSENTIERER" below in white. At the end of the film, the Terkel in Trouble variant is used.

The Olsen Gang Gets Polished (2010): The logo scrolls during the credits on the left of the screen along with the Nordisk Film logo. The pig is oranger than usual.

Niko 2 (2012): Same as the Terkel in Trouble variant.

Alfie Atkins: Hocus Pocus (2013): The logo is in a blue BG, scrolling with the credits.

Albert (2015): The logo is on black and white like an old movie.