Closing Logo Group

1st (possibly only) logo (2004)[]

NOTE: This logo is being labelled as "unofficial" until proof exists.

Nicknames: "French Canadian Golumbia Video", "Canada's Second Twist on FADYO", "The Worst DVD Logo Ever", "FADYO and Golumbia, Meet Your Worst Nightmare", "First Time In Windows Movie Maker", "Made Under 1 Minute", "Preschoolers Were Involved On The Making of this Logo", "Did I Just Waste 20 Seconds On This?", "Class Video If It Was Shortened Into Fewer Seconds"

Logo: We see a stock picture of Canada's flag. We then zoom into the leaf, then back again as we start to see the words "Les Studios Marko" and "Canada" stacked on each other in front of the leaf.

FX/SFX: The zooming in and out of the leaf on Canada's flag.

Music/Sounds: An electronic synth fanfare.

Availability: Allegedly seen on "Beach Boys: California Surfing'", otherwise it's unknown where this logo appears on.

Editor's Note: The fanfare, cheesy animation, and sudden zoom-in could get to some, but otherwise this is unarguably the cheesiest Canadian logo ever made, and possibly one of the cheesiest logos of all time, which will probably make people laugh out loud. At least they didn't steal a company's music.