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Legendary Entertainment was founded in 2000 by businessman Thomas Tull. In 2005, Legendary became a production and financing partner of Warner Bros. Pictures with its first production being Batman Begins. In 2014, Legendary went to Universal Pictures with a similar agreement to Warner Bros. to co-finance, market, and distribute all of Legendary's films after their deal with Warner Bros. expired. Legendary was purchased in 2016 by Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group.

1st Logo (2005-06)[]

Logo: We see a forest above a lake, all obscured by clouds. As the camera zooms in, a sword fades in with the words "LEGENDARY PICTURES", in a majestic gold font, in front of it.


  • Early trailers for Superman Returns have a black background.
  • Early trailers for Lady in the Water have water with the sky reflecting off of it in the background.

FX/SFX: Either the sword zooming in, or it is completely still.

Music/Sounds: The sound of wind followed by a majestic fanfare, or the trailer's opening theme.

Availability: Pretty much rare. It was only seen on the first trailers for Superman ReturnsLady in the Water, and The Ant Bully, and was never used on any movie.

2nd Logo (June 28, 2006-)[]


  • Version #1 (2006-2009): Against a black background, we see an extreme close-up of a flame shooting downward. The camera pans back, and several more flames shoot across, eventually revealing a series of gold intertwining lines (resembling a Celtic knot) and the words 


below it, which are also in gold.

  • Version #2 (2010-2013): Same as the previous variant, except the text flies in from the lower-right corner of the screen word-by-word, the logo looks "grungier" than before and moves from right to left, and some "sparks" appear in the background throughout.
  • Version #3 (2014-2019): Similar to above, but the flames are replaced by blue streaks and the logo is colored in silver, takes place on a blue space background, and the view moves 180-degrees clockwise.
  • Version #4 (2019-): Same as the previous three variants, but the streaks are orange. We see the trail of infinite Celtic knots before we zoom out as it forms and the other knots disappear. The logo is now silver with gold trim, while the lettering is in a metallic sans-serif font. The blue background is darker.


  • Version #1 (2006-2009) This was designed by Picture Mill.
  • Version #4 (2019-) This was designed by yU + co.

Variant (2006-2009): On 300: March for Glory, the logo is black and white with the text arranged to the right of the shield.

Variant (2010-2013): On later films from the studio, beginning with Wrath of the Titans, the word "PICTURES" is eliminated.


  • Versions #1 and #2: The flames.
  • Version #3: The blue streaks.
  • Version #4: The orange streaks.


  • 2006-2009: The sounds of fire accompanied by a violin/piano-like sound composed by Walter Werzowa.
  • 2010- : The sounds of fire accompanied by a triumphant fanfare, composed by James Newton Howard[1].
  • 2018-: At first, it used the same music as the last logo. Starting on Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, it used a triumphant theme composed by Frank Ilfman.


  • 2006-2009: Common, but no longer current; can be seen on films produced by the company such as Superman ReturnsThe Ant Bully, and 300
  • 2010-2013: First seen on Clash of the Titans. Also seen on Inception, Due Date, and The Hangover: Part II.
  • 2014-2019 : First seen on the trailer for As Above, So Below. The fully animated version debuted on Godzilla and it last appeared on Little.
  • 2019-: First seen on Pokémon Detective Pikachu. This was also seen in Enola Holmes.