Closing Logo Group

(2013?- )

Nicknames: "IMAX OMNIMAX of France", "The Wormhole", "The French Wormhole", "French IMAX" "AARGH! My Eyes!", "French Wormhole Of Doom" "MasterVision's louder cousin from France"

Logo: The same as the IMAX "Wormhole",but the flash which replaces the tunnel with an extreme close-up of a globe spinning around itself. Then, the globe becomes in La Géode (one of the attractions of Futuroscope, where there are releases of films in HQ), and then it becomes in a drawing of the attraction, and finally it becomes in the logo of La Géode, which disappears, and only see an starry night background.

FX/SFX: Same as the IMAX "Wormhole" logo.

Music/Sounds: The same music used in the IMAX "Wormhole".

Availability: Current, seen in LaGéode theaters.

Scare Factor: Medium to high, for the same reasons as said logo, but with a mellow finish, which lowers a bit the scare factor.